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Pretty Faces and Peculiar Places


Piper can hear things other people can’t. Like the strange buzzing noise that precedes the arrival of certain dark and terrible things…and dark and terrible things are coming.

Persephone can see things other people can’t. Like the fact that her mother’s sudden illness is no ordinary flu…and the only thing that can save her is an ancient artifact not seen by human eyes since the dawn of the universe.

A new and formidable adversary has set his demonic sights on the power of the Hands of the Architects. And he’s not alone. An unstoppable revenant. An army of dark creatures born of an ancient and godlike evil. And lurking even deeper in the shadows, a mysterious figure watches from behind the scenes.

Who…or what…is Janon Tane?

Can they find and claim the second Hand of the Architects? Or will they let it—and the future of all mankind—fall into darkness?

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Who is Brian Harmon?

I am an independent author of horror fiction, suspense and dark adventure. I write stories that are frightening, disturbing or unsettling in some way or another. I tell ghost stories and tales of monsters and unnatural creatures. I tell stories that thrill, that keep you on the edge of your seat, that grip you and refuse to let you go until you’ve reached the end. I also tell stories that tease and intrigue, that keep secrets from you and make promises you can’t know if they intend to keep. I tell stories that take you to incredible places, to worlds you’ve never dreamed of. I tell stories about the heart, about gut-wrenching emotions. And I tell stories about people like you and me.


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