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Broken Clocks and Amber Threads


Janon Tane finally makes his move. But no one anticipated how utterly prepared he was to tear Persephone and Piper’s lives apart to get what he wants. Now their world is crumbling around them and it seems Tane will stop at nothing to possess the third Hand, even if it means risking the end of the cycle to do it.

Worse still, the shadows of Gispuknya have returned to destroy the Hands forever. As a three-way war brews between Tane, Gispuknya and the Ahns, Seph and Piper must seek out the Keeper’s three trials and unlock the gates of Tartarus.

But the journey won’t be easy. The rules that govern the cycle are unraveling. Everyone is cheating. And soon nothing is as it seems. Can they reach the nexus within Tartarus and awaken the Architects before everything falls apart forever? Or will this be the final universe?


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Who is Brian Harmon?

I am an independent author of horror fiction, suspense and dark adventure. I write stories that are frightening, disturbing or unsettling in some way or another. I tell ghost stories and tales of monsters and unnatural creatures. I tell stories that thrill, that keep you on the edge of your seat, that grip you and refuse to let you go until you’ve reached the end. I also tell stories that tease and intrigue, that keep secrets from you and make promises you can’t know if they intend to keep. I tell stories that take you to incredible places, to worlds you’ve never dreamed of. I tell stories about the heart, about gut-wrenching emotions. And I tell stories about people like you and me.

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