Encyclopedia & Bestiary

The world is not all that it seems. It is so much more than that. It is so much more than you can possibly imagine…

The world most people see is little more than the reflection off the surface of a window in a brightly lit room in the middle of the night. There, reflected back at them, is a perfect picture of themselves and all that is familiar and safe. But hidden just behind that reflection is the real world, dark and mysterious and infinite, filled with wonder and peril and everything between. Those of us who know the truth about the world…any of the truth, for no one can possibly know the whole of it…we understand that there is always more to behold. You just have to be brave enough to cup your hands against the glass and peer into the darkness.

What follows is a sort of encyclopedia. All things listed here are known to be true, if only by a privileged few. They are fantastic things. Unbelievable things. Wonderful and terrible things. If you choose to read on, you will be opening yourself up to a much broader reality. Be warned that knowledge is both a power and a curse. What becomes known cannot easily be forgotten, so take caution. Incredible peril awaits those who are foolish enough to seek the things that are written about in these pages. Unknown things are often unknown for a reason.

You have been warned.

The Librarian