As December draws to a close, so does 2011.  A lot has happened these past twelve months.  Last year at this time, in the final hours of 2010, none of this existed.  Dark Things Rising was not even a thought in my mind.  My return to publishing was merely a dream collecting dust.  My work sat unread within the aging files of my computer, unheard of, unloved. 

     It began with my website,  A simple name, I know.  Rather uncreative, but it can be difficult to pick a domain name that appeals greatly to you and is not already owned.  And besides, I like to think that, as a hub for my marketing efforts, “Harmon Universe” sums everything up quite nicely.  The whole thing was, quite honestly, my wife’s idea.  (She’s awful smart that way.)  At the time, it was little more than a starting point, a launch pad, I thought, for advertising my writing.  It was originally to be a gallery of free short stories, assembled with the hope of building a small fan base and maybe even attracting an agent.  It wasn’t until I began to contemplate selling my novels from my website that I discovered the miraculous world of independent publishing.  Before I knew it, book one of The Temple of the Blind was available for purchase on ereaders worldwide.  …And how ironic is it that I now realize my website is the most neglected of all my publishing tools?  I haven’t updated it nearly enough these past few months.  I’ve promised myself to give it more attention as I journey forward. 
     Now, as the year draws to an end, I sit here in a cloud of contemplation, reflecting on what I’ve accomplished.  I’ve released four books in my dark adventure series this year, both in digital and print formats, as well as the recent collection of short stories.  I’m not going to lie and tell you that I consider my writing career a runaway success.  I’m afraid you won’t find me at the top of any bestseller lists this holiday season.  However, I do consider 2011 to be a successful year.  Just check out my reviews on Amazon.  I’ve collected a number of fans…  It’s not a large number…  I mean there’s definitely more than zero…  And my book sales have been…well…existent.  Most months…  Still, I remain confident that my name will grow, that more and more fans will eventually find me.  I still have so much I wish to share, so many more stories, so many more adventures.  But it can be so hard to wait, can’t it? 
     Looking forward again, 2012 should be a great year.  Look for the final two books of The Temple of the Blind.  I also have a new novel in the works.  And of course I will continue to entertain you here at Dark Things Rising and keep you informed at Harmon Universe.  I have only just begun to write! 
     Thank you to everyone here on this blog who has decided to come along for the ride.  Let’s continue to see where this journey takes us.