With the recent release of the fifth book in my series, and given the already monumentally difficult task it can be drawing in new readers in such a massive and turbulent market, I’ve made the decision to offer book one of my horror-adventure series, The Temple of the Blind, for free.  You can download The Box now at Smashwords.com (for any reading device) and at other online ebook retailers as the new price becomes distributed over the next few weeks. 
A few people have told me that I’m selling myself short, that I shouldn’t give my work away this way, and I’ve admittedly been reluctant to do so, even with temporary promotional coupons.  And in the past, when I’ve distributed my work for free, I’ve found very little return in sales of other books in my series.  However, my sales aren’t exactly soaring.  Nobody knows who I am.  They know I say I’m a writer of horror fiction, suspense and dark adventure.  But lots of people say stuff like that.  Far too many of them, quite honestly, with nothing to sell but terribly written and/or barely edited trash.  I say I’m not one of them, but why should they believe me.  And none of their friends will tell them if I’m any good because they haven’t had any reason to believe me, either.  To be known as a good writer, people have to know I’m a good writer.  To know I’m a good writer, people have to read my work.  To read my work, people need a reason to buy my work.  They need to know I’m a good writer.  But to be known as a good writer…  Well, we’ve been down this road already, haven’t we?  The old “catch 22.” 
So I’ve decided to go ahead and give away book one.  With four books backing up The Box—and the next well on its way—I think this might be the best course of action for me moving forward.  So if you haven’t read any of my books yet, consider this the best invitation you’re going to get.  Check it out today on Smashwords.  (If you’re new there, you’ll only need to sign up for a free account.)