A native to the fissures in the Northern American Midwest, the cakyik is an extremely curious creature, known to approach homes and campsites near its territory and will even follow hikers through the wilderness for miles. It is, however, strictly a scavenger, and virtually harmless to people, even in packs. It is rarely seen, however, as its territory is very small and extremely hostile and very few people who enter it are ever seen or heard from again.

It is an odd-looking beast with a disproportionally large head, short, muscular legs and a fat, blunt tail framing a long, lean, deer-like body and neck. Its fur is gray and mottled, often giving it an ugly, almost mangy look from a distance.

Many native tribes of the area have various legends about a creature described as an unnatural cross between a coyote and a deer. The sighting of one was usually considered an omen of ill fortune.

Additional: While it’s technically possible to domesticate a cakyik, they’re really not good for much. They’re extremely messy, noisy, smelly and prone to intense separation anxiety. They demand a tremendous amount of attention and only sleep a few hours each day. They make terrible pets.

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