Cave Skop

Cave skops are frequently called “spider squid” for obvious reasons. They look remarkably like a combination of the two creatures. Their many legs comprise the vast majority of their bodies, which are boneless and pliable like a cephalopod, but covered in course, black hairs like an arachnid. Their actual bodies are only about the size of a basketball, but each leg can be extended up to twenty feet in length, making them appear much, much larger. They have no eyes or nose and use their hair to detect vibrations and currents in the air and water to both hunt and evade predators. They have a single mouth lined with small, sharp teeth and live off shellfish in deep waters. Although aquatic, they are air breathers, and spend much of their time resting at the water’s edge.

They are harmless creatures, overall, but their primary defense mechanism is a powerful jet of foul-tasting, reeking, bile-like fluid that can instantly incapacitate almost any predator. This substance is harmless, yet possibly among the vilest concoctions ever seen in nature.

Today, cave skops are exceedingly rare and are almost exclusively found in isolated worlds or in certain non-natural structures with contained, artificial ecosystems. But evidence exists to suggest that these creatures were commonplace in a previous incarnation of our universe, possibly as common as squirrels and birds.

Non-lethal, but do not approach. Or do. I don’t care. I’m not the boss of you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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