Fire Rat

A mysterious lifeform native to an unstable fissure located deep in the forests of Central Ukraine, a “fire rat” is a strange creature that resembles a living, free-moving ball of fire.

Fire rats can obviously be a nuisance to locals. They are, after all, living fire hazards. And since killing one can actually cause it to explode, there is little one can do to safely be rid of them. However, it is possible to capture one. If placed in an air-tight container, the beast will fall into a state of suspended animation and hibernate until it is again exposed to oxygen. In this state, it is possible to see the creature that lives at the center of the flames. It is a small, somewhat weasel-shaped thing with extremely greasy, black skin.

Additional: Oddly enough, I’ve found that although this creature is completely encased in flames and makes its home in dense forests, its known habitats are not abnormally prone to forest fires. Evidence suggests that it is a surprisingly careful little pyromaniac.

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