A golem is a monstrous creature comprised of inanimate matter that has by some unknown power been given life. They can begin as any kind of material. (Stone, wood, metal, fire, water and smoke are just a few possibilities.) And they can take on properties of these materials, including color, strength and mobility.

Although golems take on characteristics of whatever material they began as, they are distinctly characterized as lacking definite forms. They have no true, physical completeness and are generally impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend. They will appear incomplete, disjointed and inconsistent. They may have limbs that don’t fully connect to their bodies, or they may appear to shift between two- and three-dimensional forms. No two are ever exactly alike, and a single golem might even change drastically from one appearance to the next.

It is not entirely understood how one goes about creating a golem. It is generally believed that the process is magical in nature, but there are those who theorize that a golem is given life not through spellcasting, but by infusing it with small portions of one’s own soul. Besides being unclear how such a thing can be made possible, this is a rather disturbing thought, because it suggests an intentional self-mutilation of the spirit, a task that should not be undertaken lightly.

Once created, by whatever means the conjurer used, a golem is indestructible and frightfully single-minded. Its primary use is as a booby trap for trespassers, and has been used throughout history to guard sacred sites, kings’ tombs and treasure hoards. It will viciously attack anyone who ventures too close and pursue them endlessly and tirelessly until it has killed the intruder or it loses its focus…which is no easy task, since golems are notoriously hard to distract. And if one manages to break a golem’s focus, it will only reset back to the place it was originally set, where it will resume its post.


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