The incubus is a middle-class breed of demon that, like his female counterpart, the succubus, utilizes sexual energy to increase his power. Legends say that incubi are nasty little monsters who sneak into bedrooms and attack women in their sleep, sometimes impregnating them in the process. Like most claims of demonic attacks, however, the vast majority of reported incubi encounters likely did not involve an incubus in any way.

For one thing, most incubi aren’t so crude in their methods. They take perverse pleasure in their work and therefore enjoy taking their time. They take pleasing forms, craft convincing identities and insert themselves into their victims’ environments, slowly and patiently winning them over and gaining their trust. The more difficult a woman is to seduce, the more they enjoy the game.

The victim of an incubus, therefore, almost always gives herself (or himself, on occasion) freely, completely unaware that her (or his) lover isn’t human. Depending on the demon’s mood, he may take his time, drawing it out over the course of many months, or he may choose to finish the job quickly in order to move on to his next conquest. Either way, it ends the same. A person fully seduced by an incubus will quickly fall ill and will almost always die.

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