Labyrinth Hound

This is by far one of the most dangerous creatures I’ve ever encountered. I’ve never been able to locate a habitat of origin. They seem to only exist within certain sprawling, non-natural, underground structures, many of these places vast distances and even many worlds apart. These structures seem like an unlikely habitat for any population of large predators, yet they thrive, unchanged, for eons, owing to a precisely-balanced, artificial ecosystem. As horrifying as it sounds, I believe this species to have been deliberately engineered as guard dogs to protect the labyrinths they inhabit.

This species stands about three feet tall, with a wide shoulder-span. It possesses two separate spinal columns branching off the base of its skull and ending in two short, stiff tails. It has very thick, heavy, dense bones and hide. Its muzzle is short but wide, bristling with razor-sharp, serrated teeth. It has short, but powerful legs, with large, clunky claws. It doesn’t appear to have any eyes or ears and hunts by smell alone. Its entire body is covered in rectangular, upright scales resembling razor blades. Each one of these scales oscillates back and forth at high speed, creating a loud, almost machine-like noise. Anything that touches this creature, anywhere on its body, is instantly shredded, effectively making it lethal from any angle.

The labyrinth hound is capable of running in long bursts of speed, but does not appear to be able to jump, climb or swim, owing to its short legs and impressive weight. It is extremely aggressive and territorial and will immediately attack anything it encounters. Furthermore, its dense bones and hide make it resistant to most forms of physical attack.


Additional: Terrifyingly enough, I’ve heard rumors of the existence of a larger, even more dangerous breed of this species, but have not been able to confirm it. And truthfully, I’m not sure I want to…

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