There is a small town on the edge of a swamp, deep in the American South where the locals speak of a horrifying legend. They describe a great, toad-like creature that lurks in the mud and snatches people away in the night, never to be seen again.

The noglin, as it’s known to the locals, stands about ten feet tall, with an immense mouth that can swallow a full-grown cow whole. It has huge, bulbous eyes on the top of its enormous head that gives it a frog-like shape. And it has an incredibly long tongue, said to be capable of stretching more than a hundred feet, allowing it to snatch away its prey and vanish back into the swamp without ever being seen or heard.

The rest of the creature, strangely enough, is upside down. Its belly is located on its back, behind its head, along with most of its other organs, while its underside is solid muscle and bone. It sits squarely on four short, but very powerful legs, each ending in a huge, strangely human-like hand with sharp claws.

The noglin is a nocturnal creature, and a terrifyingly patient ambush predator.

This is the part where I’d normally add, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, DO NOT APPROACH, but it’s a well-camouflaged monster with an insane reach. If you’re unfortunate enough to catch a noglin’s attention, you won’t see it until you’re already being dragged toward its cavernous gullet. So…just stay away from swamps, I guess. They’re full of mosquitos anyway.

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