The Gas Station

This nameless, run-down service station has a habit of appearing all over the world, usually to people in desperate need of assistance. It typically manifests in isolated places, on an empty stretch of road which is rumored to travel from place to place with the station. It’s been known to appear half-concealed in an overgrown forest or covered in dust and surrounded by desert scrub or even standing out in the middle of open plains. It’s even been rumored to occasionally appear in empty lots in large cities. But it never stays in one place for very long.

Very little is known about what goes on inside the station. It is said by different witnesses to be run by a very small man, known only as “the attendant,” a very large woman dubbed “the driver” or a young girl called “the helper.” Also associated with the station is a mysterious fleet of various vehicles, all of them white, and all of them in a state of disrepair matching the station itself.

There have been reports of people finding aid in the mysterious station for as long as gas stations have been commonplace, but it’s said that before it was a gas station, it was a wandering pub. And before that, some say it was a traveling trading post. There are even extremely old legends of a traveling wagon, pulled by a dingy-white beast described at different times as a horse, an ox, a mule, a camel or even a pale elephant, depending on the origin of the tale.

Sadly, I’ve been able to dig up very little information regarding this mysterious service station. As far as I can prove, it’s just another myth. So far.

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