While it is mostly believed to be a creation of certain Native American tribes, the thunderbird is absolutely real, and it’s one of the most incredible beasts I’ve ever encountered.

Supposedly, it is not a bird at all, or any other kind of animal, but rather a sentient storm front. It doesn’t eat or drink. It is uncertain whether it breathes or simply “gusts” on occasion. Its body is enormous, its wingspan nearly stretching from horizon to horizon, with a tail that seems to trail for miles, yet it is mostly invisible, making it possible to walk right past it and never notice it. Even in flight, it’s little more than an indistinct shape in the sky.

Wherever this magnificent creature goes, it stirs up a violent thunderstorm, churning up black clouds, charging the sky with lightning and stirring up the wind. Tornados are dangerously common where the thunderbird beats its wings. It is a living force of nature.

There is said to be only one thunderbird and it can neither be destroyed nor captured, but there are rumors that the beast can be tamed. Little evidence supports these rumors, however, and there is no information on how such a thing might be done, so I remain skeptical.

It’s current whereabouts are unknown.

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