Like most of the creatures in this collection, tuskers are known by many names, including woolies, Percy’s terrors, fringe bison and bearded tanks. They are slightly larger than an American buffalo and covered in thick, shaggy, brown hair that drags the ground beneath them. Their hair also completely obscures their faces so that their only visible feature is the four prominent tusks protruding downward from their upper jaws.

Tuskers exist mainly deep in the fringe dimensions, especially the fringe roads that lie along the known spirit highways. As such, they are rarely seen by people.

They are solitary herbivores, but can become extremely aggressive with almost no warning. Similar in behavior to rhinoceroses, they are known to charge anything that agitates them, using their powerful tusks like a battering ram. They aren’t the fastest creatures, but once a tusker sets its sights on a target, it has terrifying stamina and determination and has been known to pursue the offender for many miles without tiring.


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