Wendigos have been sighted for centuries in Eastern Canada and the American Northeast. Strongly associated with cannibalism, they have long been thought to be monstrously corrupted human beings. However, they are not actually human at all. They are natives of a neighboring dimension and can appear without warning in places where the border between this world and theirs is disturbed.

It is true, however, that wendigos will attack and eat a human on sight. They are savage and dangerous creatures. Fortunately, they only remain in this world for a short period of time. After just a few hours at most, they will spontaneously revert back to their own dimension. Even if it is dead, its body will vanish from this world, leaving behind no evidence of its existence. They will also vanish if they venture too far from where they crossed over.

Mostly humanoid in form, a wendigo can be mistaken for a person at a glance, but a closer inspection will reveal that it has longer limbs, bigger appendages and a shorter torso. It has a small, pointed nose and an oversized mouth with even larger, jagged teeth and a long, black tongue. It is also known to have obscenely large genitals. They are hairless, with thick, shriveled flesh, and their entire bodies are pale gray in color, even its eyes.

The wendigo has a curious way of conserving energy. They sort of shuffle around, their heads hanging, their arms slack at their sides, looking oddly depressed. It’s only when they catch sight of potential prey that they come fully awake and aware. At this point they become much faster and are extremely aggressive.

The myth surrounding the creature is that if it ever tastes human blood, it will transform into something even more dangerous, becoming bigger, faster, stronger and smarter. Various rumors claim that they can gain the ability to turn invisible or even fly. It is also said that, like a vampire, its victims will turn into wendigos. There is no evidence, however, to prove that any of this is true.

Extremely dangerous! Never let a wendigo see you!

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