On the morning of Friday, July 14, 1978, Isabelle Emilia Albin, age 13, vanished without a trace from Gold Sunshine Resort, a naturist camping grounds near Blochard, Wisconsin. She had long, brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen just after breakfast, wearing yellow shorts and a pink halter top. No one saw her leaving the property, nor did anyone observe any suspicious activity, but she never returned for lunch.
The primary suspect in the case was a Green Bay resident named Herbert Kozachik, who had a prior record of sexual assault and was known to frequent the resort under an alias. But no evidence was ever found to convict Kozachik.
The case dragged on and eventually suspicion began to shift toward Isaac Altrusk, owner and operator of the rustic resort. At first, he was dismissed as a suspect owing to a solid alibi. Several resort guests had testified that his whereabouts that entire morning were well-known, making it impossible for him to have had any hand in her disappearance. After months of investigation, however, it came to light that Altrusk had a number of past aliases, all of them known con-men. But before the authorities could interrogate him, Altrusk, too, vanished without a trace and was never seen again. It is now widely believed that he murdered Isabelle and hid her body somewhere on the property, regardless of his alibi. At the very least, he is believed to have been an accomplice in the crime.
Authorities suspected that the nature of the resort might have made it a target for sexual deviants, and the negative media surrounding the case led to the permanent closure of the resort and a bad image for the naturist lifestyle, which was largely misunderstood by the locals at the time, many of whom were shocked to discover that there were children staying at the resort.
Naturism, or nudism, is a family-oriented lifestyle that emphasizes being comfortable in one’s own skin. Lewd behavior is strictly prohibited. But conservative locals were quick to demonize the resort and even demanded that Isabelle’s parents, Jerrell and Reta Albin, be held responsible for what happened. But fortunately, no charges were ever filed against them.
More than three and a half decades have passed since Isabelle was last seen, with absolutely no evidence to explain what became of her. Today, her parents only want closure. “All we want is to know the truth,” said Jerrell. “All we want is to be at peace.”
The Albins are no longer naturists. “There used to be joy in it,” said Reta. “But that’s all gone now. There’s no point in it. There’s no point in any of it.”

Gavin P.
Ghost Trap