This is the beginning of my blog. My very first post. This is where I suppose I start everything off by introducing myself and announcing what I’ll be writing about on this page…except I don’t really have a clue what I’m going to write about yet. I didn’t set out to write a blog, after all. I set out to write fiction. But I keep getting told that as a writer I need to write a blog. So…here I go.

     We’ll start with who I am, I guess. My name is Brian Harmon. I am an author. I wrote The Temple of the Blind, a dark adventure, horror and suspense series. I began independently publishing my work about three months ago, so I’m still new to all this. It’s a rollercoaster ride as I monitor my progress day-to-day. Sales slump and sales soar and sales slump again and my mood seems to follow right along with it all, much to the exasperation of my poor wife, who suffers it all quite patiently. I know that she would love for me to find someone else to talk at about my work for awhile. So I guess my journey through the world of independent publishing will be the primary focus of this blog. Perhaps future authors will find some inspiration and guidance among my scattered ramblings. Or at the very least, my fans can get a little chuckle at my expense. I do aim to please, after all.
     What else can I say about myself? I grew up in rural Missouri, but now I live in Southern Wisconsin with my wife and two kids. I’m a stay-at-home dad and a first-time homeowner who, it turns out, is highly unqualified to do a great many household repairs (although I’m learning pretty fast). I enjoy cooking, especially when I can experiment with new foods, and I’m getting quite good at it, I’m told. I’m a bit of a pessimist, so I’m sure it won’t always be sunny here, but I’m not so bad. I promise. Also, I’m a very private person who is suddenly dealing with the reality that I need to get out and market my books and therefore have to find some way to become outgoing, engaging and approachable. (I haven’t even posted this yet and I can already hear some of my friends laughing hysterically at that…) I love movies and theater and I like to play games and watch cartoons with my kids. I like all sorts of ghostly and supernatural things. I despise coconut. I’m also a cat person.
     After much consideration, I’ve chosen to title my blog “Dark Things Rising” in reference to my web page, which I refer to as my “gallery of dark imaginings.” I thought it seemed rather fitting on more than one level. It sounds nice and creepy, for starters, which relates nicely to my writing, since I am a horror writer, after all. Also, it is my goal to make my writing successful, to grow as an author, to let my “dark things rise” from obscurity.
     To my readers, please use this blog as a way to get to know me a little bit. I won’t be committing to any specific number of posts per week, as I simply don’t know how frequently I can sit down to write just now. I’ll simply drop by whenever I can and when I have news to share. I’ll post updates on my latest and upcoming releases and talk a bit about my writing and what I’m currently working on. Feel free to ask me questions and discuss any subject that might come up here.
     Well…maybe I do know what I’ll be blogging about after all. Sometimes I just have to talk my way through things a little. I guess I’ll just start here, then. Welcome to Dark Things Rising and thank you for joining me.