For those of you who like short stories, I have a new title out.  “The Devil’s Walk” is available at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now.
I know, I know.  What am I doing?  I should be working on book 5 of The Temple of the Blind, right?  Why am I wasting time writing these short stories?  Don’t worry.  Put your pitchforks and torches away.  Book 5 is coming along very well.  It’s almost done, in fact!  I’m in the process of completing the final editing before formatting it and ordering my proofs.  But the editing process involves a lot of careful reading.  Have you ever read a full-size book as carefully as you can twelve consecutive times in a row?  After a while even The Great Gatsby starts to look like Dr. Seuss…  My short stories allow me to take myself away from the manuscript for short amounts of time so I can come back to them with fresh eyes without even stepping out of my writing groove.  It actually allows me to finish the work faster this way.
And what a better distraction from waiting for the next heart-pounding installment of The Temple of the Blind than a nice little short story by your favorite author?  What?  No, not Stephen King…
Let me tell you a little bit about “The Devil’s Walk.”  
As she sits at her dying grandfather’s bedside, Amanda is told an incredible tale. But are these disturbing revelations of his life merely the addled fabrications of a cancer-ridden mind, or is there any truth to his frightening claim that a dark and menacing figure has been roaming the land all these many years.
The story is about 6,500 words long and is only $0.99 (USD).  You can download it now at any of these links:
Or, for our European friends, Amazon offers it at these sites as well: 
And remember that two of the stories from Buried in the Basement (“From Such Small Things” and “The Man in the Fire”) are available free to download at most e-bookstores. 
Thanks for reading, and watch this blog for upcoming news from the Temple!