The sixth and final book of The Temple of the Blind is now on sale!  You may commence happy dancing.  I’ll wait.  Just read on when you’re ready…

In The Judgment of the Sentinels, Albert Cross emerges from the terrifying labyrinths of the Temple of the Blind with a broken arm and a burdened heart, only to discover that he and his friends must now climb to the summit of a mountain engulfed in fire. Lost in a world of perpetual darkness, surrounded by countless miles of deadly forest, they have no choice but to journey onward or perish in this strange land where little separates the living from the dead. Exhausted, hungry and weak, they will need to rely on every skill they have to survive this final task, including those skills they don’t yet know they possess.

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And if you haven’t read any of The Temple of the Blind yet, now’s a great time to start.  Book one in the series, The Box, is free to read on all ereading devices. 

Happy reading!