First of all, I realize that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I sincerely apologize for the long wait.  I’m sure you’ve all been very worried and simply beside yourselves without my delightfully deep and meaningful ramblings on the nature of all things…well…me.  But I assure you, it is okay.  I’m fine.  I’ve returned.  Where have I been, you ask?  (I’m sure you’re all dying to know.)  I’ve simply been busy.  Last time I posted, Thanksgiving Day was fast approaching and I was preparing my humble home for company.  Soon after, the day of the feast arrived and I began my day of cooking.  Unfortunately for me, my invaluable partner, my irreplaceable assistant, my wonderful and brilliant wife, was ailing from the flu and a rather overwhelming ear infection.  (Don’t worry, she’s feeling much better now.)  Somehow, I managed to neither hurt nor embarrass myself without her help…or at least, no one’s told me that I embarrassed myself, which is good enough for me, I suppose.  I did, however, discover a newly invigorated appreciation for my beloved spouse as I was forced to incorporate her share of the day’s chores into my own.  (So many potatoes to peel!)  And yet, even in her discomfort she still somehow managed to remain a gracious and wonderful host to our guests and even managed to help me prepare the rolls.  I was only about an hour behind schedule for all that…and since the Packers game was on in the living room, no one even seemed to notice.  After Thanksgiving, and up until now, I’ve been occupying myself with one thing or another.  My dear wife’s flu has not fully infected anyone else in the household, although the children and I have all had little ailments that have knocked the energy out of us for a few days on different occasions.  We’ve also had a number of other, much smaller parties to plan for.  There have been birthdays and family visits.  In the future, perhaps I should take a formal leave of things such as this blog during the months of November and December so that I don’t leave you all feeling so abandoned.  It really is a very busy time of year for me. 

But that’s all done now.  I am back at my keyboard.  And I’m very proud of you all for being so patient with me.  You’ve been so calm and confident.  Not one of you sent me a frenzied message begging for news of my whereabouts and assuring me that you were worried sick in my absence.  Not even one of you… 
But I’m here now, and I bring joyous news!  I’m here to announce the return of the short stories! 
Yes, that’s right.  The short stories are returning.  This week!
It’s okay.  I know how exciting this must be for you.  You can cry.  I won’t tell. 
This Friday, you can look forward to the release of my brand new book, Buried in the Basement, a collection of dark and scary tales.  Included in the collection are the four stories previously available through online retailers as well as two brand new, never-before published short stories. 
Let the frenzied waiting begin!