On Monday, May 16, 2011, at 1:09 in the afternoon, the city of Tunipet in northern Missouri was rocked by an unexplained “boom.” The event was centered around the main office of Bleckle Distributing Co. on North Timber Street.
All of the windows on the north and west sides of the building were blown out by the boom, raining broken glass and debris onto passing pedestrians and severely damaging at least one vehicle. But when rescue crews were dispatched to the scene, there was no sign of fire, no serious injuries, or any structural damage whatsoever. According to reports, there was no evidence found of any combustibles, ruling out any kind of explosion as the cause.
Witnesses reported a deep, “booming” noise that some described as sounding like an “underwater explosion” and the building’s windows blowing outward all at once, rattling cars and setting off alarms up and down the street. One witness even claimed to have seen a man thrown from the building’s second floor, but as there is no evidence of anyone admitted to any nearby hospitals with serious injuries, this particular detail can’t be proven.
None of the neighboring buildings were damaged in the event and no one seems to be able to explain what happened. There have been plenty of wild theories thrown around by conspiracy theorists, however, as has come to be expected of such unexplained stories.
Let’s just all agree to blame the Illuminati and move on.

Gavin P.
Ghost Trap